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Place for kitsune-kin, and those wanting to learn
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A community for Kitsune-kin, those who believe they are trully kitsune in spirit, as well as those who are strongly connected to kitsune. People interested in kitsune, and learning about them are welcome too, as well as fans of kitsune. Just try and keep out a lot of the nonsensical stuff, like insanely powerful RP chars and the like. This is a palce for discussion, learning, and meeting other kitsune and friendly chat is welcome, but please keep RP to private chats and IRC. No flamewars or attacks allowed, even amongst kitsune belifes differ, so be nice foxes now. And remember: don't judge so quickly, take everything with a grain of salt, but not so much as to push somone away. Respect each other, have fun, and play nice. Be good little foxies now, the myobu is watching, hehe.