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We need otherkin related meetings again

Yups... made my last post here almost one year ago, since I haven't been into LJ much as it's been silent and inactive. Since the Kitsuhana forum was taken down, I'm guessing this is currently the best place where everyone can get to talk together except IRC. But alongside that this place would really need more activity and people talking here.

Either way, I noticed that over the last months things have been getting really silent, and I don't mean just this LJ community. While in the past we always used to have a lot of chats about kitsune and many interesting subjects, today we almost never have anything more then random chats on IRC when someone is actually there. I find this a sad thing, as we could learn a lot if we spent more time together to discuss. Don't take it as complaining now, I know people are busy irl and they are trying to find more time for their kin family and friends, but still I think many would actually agree on this.

I remember that last year, miss alynna tried to run a few discussion panels on Second Life every week at a certain hour. Even if some got boring, it used to be quite interesting and we got to talk about quite a few things. That's why I thought it's probably time we think about having weekly, daily or even monthly meetings once again to discuss about otherkin, kitsune, magic and related. We could do this on IRC, on Second Life again (though SL is not what it used to be any more right now) or anywhere else on a stable and comfortable chat system.

The most important thing would be making sure that such discussion will not die again, and we would keep having them every time at the chosen hour and date. But yeah... for now I'd like to know what everyone here thinks about running such meetings again, when most people would have the free time to be online for this. What do you think?
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